GT Time is Gametrailers weekly podcast. The podcast replaced Invisible Walls as Gametrailers weekly podcast on March 14, 2014.

Episodes Edit

List of GT Time episodes.

Side-Bets Edit

A common thing happening on GT Time is different side bets, smaller bets happening outside of the weekly bet. These often come with a stipulation, e.g that the loser will have to wear a bowtie for one episode.

Side-Bets list
Bets Participants Stipilation Episodes
1. Will Uncharted 4 be out in 2014?

Kyle Bosman: No

Daniel Bloodworth: Yes

Loser has to wear bowtie for 1 episode 01/14
2. Will Bravely Default be Top 10 in NPD for February 2014?

Kyle Bosman: Yes

Michael Damiani: No

Kyle: Gets Damiani's hat.

Michael: Gets Kyle's Luigi statue.