Image Title Ep. Num. Posted GT Link
[insert image here] PlayStation Meeting Dos and Don'ts 0-i 02/13/2013 Youtube - GT
Herer's all the advice Sony needs to have a successful, non-embarrassing press event.
[Insert image here] Playstation Meeting Takeaways 0-ii 02/22/2013 Youtube - GT
The PlayStation 4 announcement was two hours long, but what did we learn?
[insert image here] How to Make Us Say 'Wow' Again 1 03/13/2013 YoutubeGT
Can Next Gen still wow us without pretty graphics? This guy thinks so.
[insert image here] Lazy Rich People are Ruining Games 2 03/27/2013 YoutubeGT
When a game charges impatient players for shortcuts, everyone pays the cost. Figuratively.
[insert image here] The Worst Web Show in America 3 04/10/2013 YoutubeGT
Viewer beware: part of this episode defends EA. And the rest is the usual nonsense.
[insert image here] Judging a Booker by His Cover 4 04/24/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle must choose a side in the war for box art freedom.
[insert image here] Why I Love Press Conferences 5 05/01/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle lays bare his appreciation for hype in its purest form.
[insert image here] One Sick MiniBosman 6 05/08/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle's under the weather, but the show must go on! Half hilarious, half depressing.
[insert image here] Xbox Reveal Dos and Don'ts 7 05/15/2013 Youtube - GT
Press conference connoisseur Kyle Bosman gives Microsoft some crucial advice.
[insert image here] Go Home, Xbox 8 05/22/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle gives his three big takeaways from the Xbox One reveal.
[insert image here] What About Nintendo? 9 05/29/2013 Youtube - GT
With all the E3 attention going to Sony and Microsoft, Kyle remembers the underdog.
[insert image here] It's Almost E3! 10 06/05/2013 Youtube - GT
With only days remaining, Kyle gives some last-minute advice and makes some dumb bets.
[insert image here] E3 2013 Mini Bosman 11 06/11/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle wraps up the All Access Live coverage with a critical eye on Nintendo's indirect approach to E3.
[insert image here] The Ultimate E3 Adventure N/A 06/14/2013 Youtube - GT
As the clock ticks to the end of E3, Kyle struggles to see it all.
[insert image here] E3 2013 Takeaways 12 06/19/2013 Youtube - GT
E3 is finally over, and now Kyle reflects on what we've learned.
[insert image here] Fighting the Future 13 06/26/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle and his weird puffy sleeves helplessly struggle against the inevitabilities of progress.
[insert image here] Every Dog has its Day 14 07/03/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle digs into the GameTrailers library to give a forgotten game a second chance.
[insert image here] Why Zynga Games are Just the Worst 15 07/10/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle bellyaches over Don Mattrick's big move.
[insert image here] Ain't Nobody Got Time for Games 16 07/17/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle can't take any more snooty excuses.
[insert image here] The Wii U is, in Fact, Next Gen 17 07/24/2013 Youtube - GT
On this week's Final Bosman, Kyle foolishly asserts that the Wii U is next gen.
[insert image here] Adventures in Pimp City 18 07/31/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle exhibits a bygone franchise in another blind game test.
[insert image here] Days of Future Past 19 08/07/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle is pumped for next gen and last gen at the same time. And Jet Moto.
[insert image here] Amazon's Making a Console? 20 08/14/2013 Youtube - GT
While trapped in a Vancouver hotel, Kyle is baffled by recent rumors.
[insert image here] The Console War goes Global 21 08/21/2013 Youtube - GT
The next gen competition gets messy as Kyle picks apart the biggest news from Gamescom.
[insert image here] Leaking Like a Rock Star 22 08/28/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle peeks into the impact of recent GTA V leaks.
[insert image here] PAX Prime Panel N/A 09/04/2013 Youtube - GT
Miss the panel at PAX? We got you covered! Kyle, Marcus and Mike take audience questions and more in this special session.
[insert image here] Maximum PAXimum 23 09/04/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle tries to make the most of his short time at PAX.
[insert image here] Sony Strikes Back? 24 09/11/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle evaluates the effect of Sony's recent announcements.
[insert image here] Too Cool for TitanFall 25 09/18/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle shrugs his shoulders at one of the future's best games.
[insert image here] The Power of Power 26 09/25/2013 Youtube - GT
Amidst next gen spec speculation, Kyle ponders the importance of power.
[insert image here] Steam's Console is Here! (Kinda) 27 10/02/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle collects his thoughts on Valve's big announcements.
[insert image here] So Long Last Gen 28 10/09/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle remembers everything he won’t miss about our current consoles.
[insert image here] Console War Losers 29 10/16/2013 Youtube - GT
On this week's episode of The Final Bosman, Kyle tallies the casualties of the console wars.
[insert image here] The Other Next-Gens Were Better 30 10/23/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle remembers the greatest next-gen moments of his miserable life.
[insert image here] Halloween and Video Games 31 10/30/2013 Youtube - GT
Can Kyle have a serious conversation about games while dressed as a big bag of candy? Find out!
[insert image here] The Battle of the Bands 32 11/06/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle makes a long analogy for what’s going on with the next gen launches.
[insert image here] Awaiting Greatness 33 11/13/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle buckles in for the PlayStation 4 launch.
[insert image here] The Power Rankings 34 11/20/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle ranks video gaming's biggest players in some irrational order.
[insert image here] Thanks for Nothing 35 11/27/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle gets in the Thanksgiving spirit for a few brief moments.
[insert image here] And Then There Was X 36 12/04/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle gets caught up in the excitement of VGX award fever.
[insert image here] VGX Takeaways 37 12/11/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle gets over VGX the only way he knows how—talking about games.
[insert image here] The 2013 Bossy Awards 38 12/18/2013 Youtube - GT
Kyle reflects back on the accomplishments of the year's greatest games.
[insert image here] Big Bets for 2014 39 01/08/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle risks his microscopic reputation on a bunch of irrational gambles for the new year.
[insert image here] Demo's Souls 40 01/15/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle fondly recalls his two most-played game demos of all time.
[insert image here] Xbox Friends with Benefits 41 01/22/2014 Youtube - GT
On this week’s episode of The Final Bosman, Kyle has simple solutions to all of gaming’s greatest problems.
[insert image here] Nobody Finishes Video Games 42 01/29/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle considers the importance of putting things in games that most people will never see.
[insert image here] Nintendo: What Are You Doing, Man? 43 02/05/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle sifts through the announcement of Satoru Iwata's bizarre future plans.
[insert image here] Tactical Espionage Reaction 44 02/12/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle responds to Amazon’s industry moves and Ground Zeroes’ dinkiness.
[insert image here] Trolling Trolls Who Troll 45 02/19/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle tries to step inside the mind of gaming's greatest maniacs.
[insert image here] Let's Admit the PS4 Is Killing It 46 02/26/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle stops to smell the fragrant roses of next gen successes.
[insert image here] Donkey Kong is Better than Mario 47 03/05/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle takes some time away from the news to have an important, logical games discussion.
[insert image here] Xbox One Leaks (The Good Kind?!) 48 03/12/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle finally has no choice but to acknowledge some recent Xbox rumors.
[insert image here] Ugly Truth in Advertising 49 03/19/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle has advice for everyone involved in post-release disappointments.
[insert image here] Ground Zeroes Is for Dummies (Like Me) 50 03/26/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle is head over heels for 2014’s biggest ripoff.
[insert image here] More Women 51 04/02/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle thinks that maybe a few more companies could follow Nintendo’s lead.
[insert image here] Most Effed Up Game Ever I Ever Played 52 04/09/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle slogs through the most sinister, repugnant video game in history and lives to tell the tale.
[insert image here] Money Money Money Is All You Need 53 04/16/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle learns to cope with the moneyball of video game prequels.
[insert image here] So Xbox One Lost the Sprint 54 04/23/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle lays out how Microsoft can still win the marathon!
[insert image here] The Old Man and the Season Pass 55 04/30/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle attempts to find the strength for season pass forgiveness.
[insert image here] Buzz Lightyear's Stupid Switch 56 05/07/2014 Youtube - GT
Mario Kart's newest characters open up Kyle’s old wounds.
[insert image here] E3 2014 Breakdown 57 05/14/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle measures his hype for all of E3's upcoming press conferences
[insert image here] Pre-E3 Reveals are No Fun 58 05/21/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle measures the impact of some recent game announcements.
[insert image here] Best E3 Memories 59 05/28/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle reminisces about the big show in his most casual episode ever.
[insert image here] E3 2014 Dos and Don'ts 60 06/04/2014 Youtube - GT
Press Conference Connoisseur Kyle Bosman impolitely advises E3's biggest shows.
[insert image here] Top 10 Coolest Things to Do at E3 61 06/14/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle has a total blast at the biggest event of the year.
[insert image here] E3 2014 Takeaways 62 06/18/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle reviews each of this year’s E3 press conferences with reckless abandon.
[insert image here] The Ol’ Guillotine Prize Drop 63 07/16/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle returns from hiatus just because some pre-order nonsense made him mad.
[insert image here] The GOTY Is Not Enough 64 07/30/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle wishes that a certain video game could just be happy being a video game.
[insert image here] The eShop of Horrors 65 08/06/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle discovers some nightmarish creatures hiding within the Wii U marketplace.
[insert image here] It's Been a Good Year 66 08/20/2014 Youtube - GT
As Kyle moves into his new desk in front of some space stuff, he reflects back on the positive changes in 2014.
[insert image here] The News is Ruined 67 08/27/2014 Youtube - GT
After a torrentially leaky weekend, Kyle wonders if the modern age leaves any room for surprises.
[insert image here] With Director's Commentary! 68 09/03/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle gives a behind-the-scenes look into the making of his PAX 2014 episode.
[insert image here] This One's For the Pervs 69 09/10/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle shows a lot of growth in his quest to become a mentally stable human being.
[insert image here] Damn, That's Romance 70 09/17/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle is reunited with one of his all-time favorite games.
[insert image here] Game Reviews Are Weird 71 09/24/2014 Youtube - GT
When an age-old debate arrives at his doorstep, Kyle must take a stance.
[insert image here] Japan's Commercials Are Better 72 10/01/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle sees an ad for the New 3DS and never looks back.
[insert image here] All Games Are Created Equal 73 10/08/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle does his best to not get worked up about Assassin’s Creed Unity’s console parity.
[insert image here] The True Legend of Hyrule 74 10/15/2014 Youtube - GT
After new controversies arise, Kyle just never seems to learn his lesson.
[insert image here] What's Wrong With Duck Dynasty? 75 10/22/2014 Youtube - GT
Since he refuses to believe in bad games, Kyle gives one clearly bad game a shot.
[insert image here] Spooky Halloween Spectertacular 76 10/29/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle celebrates the reason for the season with a couple of frightening stories.
[insert image here] The Last Levelle 77 11/05/2014 Youtube - GT
Jacob Levelle gets the drop on Advanced Warfare and is super excited to answer your questions!
[insert image here] PS4: A One Year Anniversary 78 11/12/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle takes a strictly analytical look back on the PlayStation 4’s first 365 days.
[insert image here] I Could Care Less! 79 11/19/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle tries to pin down what it is that makes us care about video games.
[insert image here] Hakuna Matata, Shmakuna Shmatata 80 12/03/2014 Youtube - GT
Kyle measures his tolerance for stupid bugs in video games.
[insert image here] Lessons From PlayStation Experience & The Game Awards 81 12/10/2014 Youtube - GT
After all of the megatons that dropped in Las Vegas, Kyle cleans up with a few hot tips.
[insert image here] The 2nd Annual Bossy Awards! 82 12/17/2014 Youtube - GT
As 2014 comes to a close, Kyle fondly recalls the biggest video game achievements in one crazy year of gaming!
[insert image here] Death to Anticipation 83 01/07/2015 Youtube - GT
At the dawn of a new year, Kyle quantifies his excitement for the season’s Top Anticipated lists.
[insert image here] Number One Best Seller 84 01/14/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle sifts through the thick, boggy nonsense of video game sales figures.
[insert image here] Ranking the Publishers 85 01/21/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle does not fear pointlessness as he places each publisher into his petty tier list.
[insert image here] Smooth Moves in Games Media 86 01/28/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle checks in on the recent eruption of interesting movements in video game coverage.
[insert image here] Good Vibes and Metroid Prime 87 02/04/2015 Youtube - GT
Returning to one of his all-time favorites, Kyle remembers what’s important in games.
[insert image here] Review Scores Are Good and You Know It 88 02/11/2015 Youtube - GT
Amid growing support for strictly qualitative critique, Kyle fights for the right to 7.8.
[insert image here] Kyle Talks About The Order 89 02/25/2015 Youtube -GT
The controversy isn’t over until The Final Bosman himself chimes in! Get ready for a lengthy discussion on gaming’s latest disgrace, The Order: 1886.
[insert image here] Rudely Laughing at Others' Mistakes 90 03/04/2015 Youtube - GT
IGN Italy spills the beans on Metal Gear Solid V’s release date and Kyle has a laugh.
[insert image here] Two Wild Kooky Years 91 03/11/2015 Youtube - GT
With his creepiest hairdo in months, Kyle adds up how times have changed since this weird show began.
[insert image here] Stupid Games Can't Bring Me Down 92 03/18/2015 Youtube - GT
In the middle of one sick week, Kyle manages to control his temper.
[insert image here] No Place for Hideo 93 03/25/2015 Youtube - GT
When gaming’s biggest director gets the pink slip, what hope is left? That’s a good description for this episode.
[insert image here] Not Hyped for Delays 94 04/01/2015 Youtube - GT
You can’t delay a Zelda game and expect regular old Kyle Bosman to not cry about it.
[insert image here] Report: Undisputed Scrub Likes Bloodborne 95 04/15/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle finds everything he’s ever wanted in an unexpected place, a creepy-as-frick old town named Yharnam.
[insert image here] Mortal Kombat, Money Coffin 96 04/22/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle learns the true meaning to that part of the movie where Shang Tsung goes “Your soul is mine.”
[insert image here] Silent Hills Is Dead 97 04/29/2015 Youtube - GT
Konami’s most promising new game is lost forever and it makes Kyle feel like a little bloody lunch bag.
[insert image here] DLC Is Still Sucky 98 05/06/2015 Youtube - GT
As Downloadable Content continues to evolve, Kyle’s battles grow desperate. Note: This episode does not require the use of Bosmiibo.
[insert image here] Kickstart All Over Again 99 05/13/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle almost titled this episode “Let’s Get Kickstarted in Here” but somebody already took that one.
[insert image here] The Pokémon Episode 100 05/20/2015 Youtube - GT
For The Final Bosman #100, Kyle finally covers the franchise he loves most.
[insert image here] E3 2015 Breakdown 101 05/27/2015 Youtube - GT
With the largest group of E3 press conferences ever, Kyle helps you sort the must-sees from the must-avoids.
[insert image here] E3 2015 Dos and Don'ts 102 06/03/2015 Youtube - GT
With three newcomers joining the press conference rumble, Kyle is here to help.
[insert image here] Final Bosman E3 Special 103 06/10/2015 Youtube - GT
It's the best time of the year, but Kyle seems low. Can anything get him back in the E3 spirit?
[insert image here] E3 2015 Vibes 104 06/24/2015 Youtube - GT
While the clock swiftly ticks down to the end of E3, Kyle tries to capture the show's essence for everyone at home.
[insert image here] Stupidly Thrilled for Final Fantasy VII Remake 105 07/01/2015 Youtube - GT
E3 is over, yet Kyle still can't stop thinking about a dumb CG trailer for a game that's never coming out.
[insert image here] How to Fail a Kickstarter 106 07/08/2015 Youtube - GT
When Kyle's potential dream game fails to make waves, he searches for answers.
[insert image here] One for Iwata 107 07/15/2015 Youtube - GT
This week's episode is dedicated to Nintendo's late President and CEO, Satoru Iwata.
[insert image here] Street Fighter V Changes Everything 108 07/22/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle senses a shift in the universe as slimebag DLC becomes openly embraced.
[insert image here] How to Make That Sequel Money 109 07/29/2015 Youtube - GT
As the risks of big budget games increase, Kyle tries decoding the secrets to growing an audience.
[insert image here] Xbox One's Best Show Ever 110 08/05/2015 Youtube - GT
Gamescom apparently brings out the best in Microsoft, and Kyle is digging the new vibes.
[insert image here] End the Riptide GP2 Controversy! 111 08/12/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle is sick of all the negativity surrounding his new favorite game.
[insert image here] On Media Blackout 112 08/26/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle and special guest Mike Huber describe their struggles in going full internet dark for a game they (might) love
[insert image here] We're Too Old for Baby Games! 113 09/09/2015 Youtube - GT
A recent revelation tosses Kyle into a vortex of self-doubt, but Brandon Jones is there to lift him out.
[insert image here] What You May Have Missed from Sony's TGS Show 114 09/16/2015 Youtube - GT
TGS live streams are next to impossible to catch, so Kyle fills you in on everything Twitter can't communicate.
[insert image here] The Thing with Metal Gear Solid V 115 09/23/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle shares his little feelings after some reflection on Hideo Kojima’s final Metal Gear game.
[insert image here] 4 Things I Learned from Super Mario Maker 116 09/30/2015 Youtube - GT
The Wii U’s little big game brings hard lessons on game design and philosophy.
[insert image here] Buried in Bundles 117 10/14/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle reads into just what the console sales landscape is looking like this holiday season.
[insert image here] Nintendo NX Is Gonna Be Goooood 118 10/21/2015 Youtube - GT
As rumors and details pile up for Nintendo’s next console, Kyle finds hope where there should be none.
[insert image here] Sony Paris Games Week Review 119 10/27/2015 Youtube - GT
As the PlayStation 4 acquires new games and other exclusive nonsense, a certain French games event officially becomes a big deal.
[insert image here] So Activision Burned $5.9 Billion 120 11/04/2015 Youtube - GT
As one of gaming’s biggest companies becomes bigger, Kyle plays some Candy Crush on a quest for understanding.
[insert image here] Nintendo Got Its Mojo Back, Baby 121 11/18/2015 Youtube - GT
After an unexpectedly legendary Nintendo Direct, Kyle feels comfortable enough using an Austin Powers reference for this title.
[insert image here] Here's Why Mario Tennis Stinks 122 11/25/2015 Youtube - GT
Ultra Smash is Ultra Filler and Kyle uses this opportunity to preach the greatness of video game progressions.
[insert image here] Who Wins Game of the Year? 123 12/02/2015 Youtube - GT
With The Game Awards just days away, Kyle defines the qualities a title needs to become champion.
[insert image here] PSX 2015 Keynote Review 124 12/09/2015 Youtube - GT
Kyle’s obsession for press conferences knows no bounds as he needlessly needles a good-natured, fan-focused event.
[insert image here] The Top 10 Best Things of 2015 125 12/16/2015 Youtube - GT
2015 had lots of good things, and so here are the ten best. Honestly it looks like Kyle just wanted to make a list.
[insert image here] The 3rd Annual Bossy Awards 126 12/23/2015 Youtube - GT
The year cannot end without Kyle bestowing the highest honor in all of gaming: The Bossy.

Episode 42, for context:

[insert image here] Get Anticipated 127 01/06/2016 Youtube - GT
Not every game can be everyone’s most anticipated, so Kyle turns into Zach Siler for all these Laney Boggses.
[insert image here] Happy Frickin' Anniversary 128 01/13/2016 Youtube - GT
As video games begin to enter a ripe old age, Kyle lays down some ground rules for proper anniversary celebration.
[insert image here] Game Commercials are Still Stupid 129 01/27/2016 Youtube - GT
As Pokémon takes on the Super Bowl, Kyle is reminded of the years-long struggle for TV ads to not be so dumb.
[insert image here] The Wild & Crazy Life of the X Button 130 02/03/2016 Youtube - GT
Kyle has always loved buttons, and on this week he has received a fortuitous opportunity to sing their praises.